Rare Red California Red Table Wine

Rare Red California Red Table Wine

Rare Red 4 Grape Blendrare red

Blending grapes is a complex process. Winemakers do so to achieve specific flavors and qualities and to achieve consistency. So what are we to make of a wine with the eclectic mix of 43 percent syrah, 37 percent barbera, 11 percent zinfandel and 9 percent sangiovese.   This inexpensive but spirited blend of French and Italian varietals comes from Scotto Cellars in Lodi, Calif., which is run by a family that has been in the wine business since 1883 in Italy. Fifth-generation descendants of Salvatore Scotto opened the California winery in 2009.

Rare Red 4 Grape Blend California Red Table Wine introduces itself with earthy aromas that hint of black fruit, chocolate and black pepper. Its ripe, lush fruit is almost sweet, but with a dash of pepper. Remarkably smooth in the mouth, the wine has modest tannins that help make it a delightful sipper.

Pairings: Hamburgers, meat loaf, lasagna, pizza and assorted cheeses.

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